All About K-Beauty

Masks Are a Big Deal

You may have noticed that face masks are starting to become hugely popular and retailers like Nordstrom and Barneys are featuring Korean popups and displays offering a variety of sheet and wash off masks that are said to do everything from hydrate to exfoliate to nourish your skin. Unlike here, where we tend to save masks for special occasions or as a rare treat, K-beauty followers do masks weekly, or even daily and some even twice daily as a regular step in their skincare routine. Recent trends include “zombie masks” which pull and tighten your skin and “slice masks” which are spot treatments that look like adorable slices of fruit.

Plenty of Natural Ingredients

Just like in ancient times, plant-based ingredients are still very much emphasized in the Korean beauty world. Natural ingredients like green tea, mung beans, aloe, ginseng, and camellia flowers are commonly found in their skin and makeup products. Along with these more traditional ingredients, they are also known for using new natural ingredients like birch juice, royal honey, yuza, and even snail slime and bee venom. Be warned that if all-natural ingredients are important to you, you should read labels carefully and do your research because just like here at home, Korean beauty products that claim to be organic natural or even cruelty-free are only loosely regulated and do not have to be certified.

Cutting Edge Innovation

Marie Claire magazine declared Korea be at least seven-years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of skincare and beauty innovations and the consensus seems to be that it’s the world’s newest authority on cosmetics. Products like BB creams, CC creams, cushion compacts, sheet masks, sleeping masks, and essences all originated in Korea and have since become global beauty staples. New and improved products are coming out every day and some up-and-coming trends include bubbling oxygen masks, skincare based glow serums, and multi-step scalp care.

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