5 Fitness Apps That Make Working Out Fun

Hate working out? You aren’t alone – exercise is a chore, not an activity to look forward to. Yet there is a way to turn a daily workout into a good time. The answer is in your back pocket… it’s your phone!

If you own a smartphone, you have access to hundreds of fitness apps. And these apps mean it’s now possible to make fitness fun, all without spending hundreds of dollars.

Here are 5 fitness apps that actually make working out fun, and they’re all cheaper than the average fitness membership.

1. Zombies, Run!

Running isn’t always the most exciting way to get fit. Though some people find running a good way to clear their head, others can’t stand running. Instead of making excuses, change your attitude about running with the Zombies, Run! app… yep, you’re running away from zombies!

Though not literally (that may be a good thing), this fitness app combines audiobook storytelling while motivating you to keep running. Once you download the app, it’ll put you into the role of a zombie apocalypse survivor, where you’ll receive a series of missions to complete to ensure your survival. You’ll be guided by a voice through your headphones as you’re literally on the run from virtual zombies – and if this isn’t a reason to tie up your laces, I don’t know what is!

Zombies, Run! is available on the App Store and Google Play Store for $3.99/month or $24.99/year.

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2. Just Dance Now

Unleash your inner dancer with the Just Dance Now app. Dancing is a great way to get fit without even thinking about it. The app gives you access to an ever-growing catalog of over 300 tracks from today’s hottest hits to the oldies but goodies. The best part is you can play with an unlimited number of friends – anyone can join if they own a smartphone. Simply download the app, enter the room number located at the top of the page, and hold your device in your hand as you dance to your favorite tunes.  And get this – each song you dance to can roughly burns about 20 calories.

Just Dance Now is available for free for limited access on App Store and Google Play Store. If you want access to the full library a VIP subscription is $4.99/month.

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