Out with the Fam: Creative Ways to Exercise as a Family

Sometimes, when the rest of our family likes to exercise, and regularly gets outside to work out, it’s easier to just join in rather than sitting on the sidelines. Working out becomes a lot more fun when you have another person or a few other people to keep you accountable, especially if you live in the same house.

There are tons of different ways that you can work out with your family. Today, we’re bringing you a few suggestions that we’ve come up with that will help you stay active and have fun at the same time. None of these require too much equipment, and most are completely free, so no more excuses — get out and get moving today!

Go on a hike

One of the easiest ways that you can start your family on the path towards health is by taking walks together on a regular basis. It can be something as simple as circling the block a few times if you live in a city or heading out on a weekend adventure to a local trail or hiking path. All you’ll need is a sturdy pair of walking shoes. Don’t skimp on these, and you should be able to use them for several years before they need to be replaced. If you have very young children, you can wear them in a carrier until they’re old enough to walk on their own.

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Family boot camp

This is a great activity if you’ve got young children who are able to exercise on their own. Working out together and seeing their boundless energy will hopefully inspire you to push yourself further. The way this activity works is everyone writes down their favorite exercise or activity — say, push-ups, squats, or even laps around the house. Then you arrange the activities into a boot-camp style work out, set a specific amount of time per activity, and complete them in order. You can use the same order of activities every time or mix them up so people don’t get too comfortable.

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Yard games

It’s easy to forget how strenuous yard games like Capture the Flag and Nerf Darts are until you play them as an adult. Children can play games like these for hours with ease, but they’re actually a pretty excellent work out. The next time you’re searching for a way for your family to work out together, organize a small game of Capture the Flag or Dodgeball, and split your family into teams to play each other. If you’re lucky enough to have a large back yard, you can play this at home. If not, go to a local park.

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