Back-to-School Tips for a Stress-Free Start

For many parents, August is just one long lead up to the beginning of school, which can be stressful if you have a new student in the family, or just a kid prone to worrying about new things. Starting school can be a fun experience — you just have to plan ahead and know what will help your child succeed in a new grade, or even a new school.

Although it’s tempting to try and extend summer as long as possible, planning ahead for the beginning of the school year will not only help alleviate fear and tension, it can even make your child excited for the upcoming challenges and opportunities ahead. Here are some of our best back-to-school tips, which will help you ensure a stress-free start to the academic year ahead.

1. Take advantage of meet-the-teacher nights and open houses

It’s understandable for your child to be nervous about going back to school. New schools, and even new grades, mean new faces, new teachers, new routines, and even more expectations than last year. It can be a lot to handle in the abstract, so take advantage of any open houses or meet-the-teacher nights in the weeks before school starts to introduce your child to their new teacher, and help them familiarize themselves with the school building. If your school doesn’t offer these services, you can visit the school building itself, and encourage your child to walk around the playground and explore the outside grounds.

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2. Make sure your child knows a few people in their class

Many schools intentionally try and create new connections between their pupils by splitting up friend groups year to year and creating a compatible but not necessarily familiar group of students in each classroom. If your school gives out classroom directories in advance of the school year, make sure your child knows who is in their class, even if they’re not friends yet. You can even try and arrange playdates with families from the same class, so your child can re-familiarize themselves with the school friends that they may not have seen much over the summer.

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