Get Fit: Intro to Fitness Classes

It might be January 1st or the day after Thanksgiving, but when the urge to exercise strikes, it’s best to take advantage of it before it fades away. There are tons of ways that you can get healthy, but one of the easiest and most fun is by taking a fitness class. These classes range from dance-based to martial-arts based, to ones that are more fun than fitness like a trampoline workout or an aerobics class on bungee cords.

If you’ve never done a fitness class before, it can be a bit intimidating to start. Here are some tips that we’ve gathered to get you started on your journey to health.

How to pick the right class

Picking the right fitness class for you is definitely the first step, and it’s one that requires the most thought. Start by doing some research online to see what kind of classes appeal to you.

If you like to dance, then there’s a whole world of options out there including classes like Jazzercise, Zumba, or Beyography (where you channel your inner Beyoncé). If you get a kick out of martial arts, look towards kickboxing, Tae Bo, or even capoeira. Make note of any that interest you, that would be suitable for your skill level, and try and find a class locally.

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