The Best Places to Get Fair Trade Products for Your Home

As our world opens its borders, it’s easier than ever for vulnerable populations to get taken advantage of by large corporations who seek to exploit their resources for profit. One way to ensure that you’re supporting companies who have fair and sustainable practices is to look for fair trade certifications in products that you use in your home.

This can range from cosmetic and clothing brands to the place where you buy your furniture and house cleaning products. Fair trade seeks to promote equity in international trading partnerships, and companies who agree to adhere to a certain fair-trade standard are allowed to use the official mark on their advertisements and products.

Here are some of the best places where you can buy fair trade goods for your home.

Ten Thousand Villages

One of the most well-respected fair-trade companies in the United States is Ten Thousand Villages. Their stores sell everything from jewelry to tea to household linens to decorations, all made in various communities around the world and bought using fair trade standards. They boast that they employ over 20,000 makers to craft their products, and often advertise products using the story of how they came to be made. Such as their soaps which are made by former leather workers in India, or their colorful necklaces handmade by Colombian artisans using tagua nut, which would usually be recycled.

The Little Market

Not only was The Little Market founded by two young women, they started the company in order to empower women around the world to start supporting themselves rather than relying on their husbands or families for their income. Unlike Ten Thousand Villages, they have no brick-and-mortar stores as they run out of an ecommerce site. They offer tons of products to their customers, including bags, accessories, candles, and decorations, and make sure that consumers know exactly which artisans made which product. Many of their products are so popular that they’ve been waitlisted until more can be made.

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