Craziest Exercise Classes You May Have Considered Taking

Over the years, we’ve considered more and more unique methods to shape our bodies, improve our stamina, and encourage our physical health. In the age that we’re in now, we’re used to seeing interesting classes pop up at the gym that mix fun music and dance moves with exercises designed to push our bodies to the limit.

While many of these classes, like Zumba and SoulCycle, have been popular for years, there are plenty of exercise classes that were abandoned almost as quickly as they were dreamed up. Here are some crazy exercise classes that have been used by people over the years to get in shape.

1. Goat Yoga

Goat yoga was dreamed in 2016 by an Oregon farmer who was inspired by her happy goats love for people. She has been going through a tough time, and whenever she needed to feel better she went outside to hang out with her goats. When a friend who also happened to be a yoga instructor asked if she could borrow them to perk up one of her classes, she readily agreed.

Goat yoga was a hit in Oregon, and soon spread around the country. Now you can practice yoga amidst a herd of frolicking goats in places from Oregon to California.

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