Download Apps to Save the World

The late, great Muhammad Ali is famous for saying, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” Wise words from an even wiser man. But there’s more to charity than a sense of duty. According to the UK’s Mental Health Foundation, doing good also does you good. Doing good deeds makes people happy and, yes, that includes you!

There is never enough help to go around. Luckily, more than a few tech-savvy do-gooders have taken it upon themselves to design sleek, popular and intuitive smartphone apps that make it easier for all of us to do our part.

Today on Healthversed, we’ll take a look at the most popular, charitable apps that are changing the world one click at a time. Let’s go!

HTC Power to Give

The HTC Power to Give app harnesses the power of the Internet and your smartphone to fuel various humanitarian projects around the world. How? By using your Android device while you aren’t.

By downloading the app, you’re donating your idle CPU time to various research projects around the world. These include projects like AIDS research, the search for clean drinking water, and more. The more popular the app, the more processing power available for various, life-saving projects. It’s simple! Well, sort of.

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