Coolest Workouts We Can’t Wait to Try

There are so many different methods for getting your sweat on today. Whether your choice of exercise involves a long, meditation session alone, or a sweaty, intense workout with a huge crowd of people, there are options in every city for every type of athlete.

You don’t even have to leave your housea lot of gyms and trainers offer in-home sessions, as well as videos that you can buy online. Today, we’re going to run you through a list of some of the coolest workouts that are available today, which will hopefully inspire you to try something new.


Parkour is an intense form of training that uses obstacles, techniques, and movements that were developed by the military for use in basic training.

The aim is to move through the course as fast as possible, using a series of jumps, dives, rolls, and other bodily movements that are designed to propel you through a space littered with complicated obstacles.

While you can design your own parkour course using the urban environment around you, there are some gyms that you can visit that have specially designed parkour courses build specifically for training purposes. There, you can practice the moves that are common to parkour like vaulting, precision jumps, and arm jumps.

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Ninja Warrior

If you’ve ever watched the program American Ninja Warrior, or the Japanese original called Sasuke, you may have dreamed about the prospect of one day being able to accomplish the feats that the on-screen ninjas perform with ease.

Luckily for you, there are tons of ninja training gyms that have popped up around the country, inspired by the success of the TV show. The workouts at these training gyms will outline what specific type of strength is needed to complete some of the more rigorous elements of the course, such as Arm Rings or the Warped Wall.


If you spent your childhood dreaming of joining the circus, then slacklining might be the ideal workout for you.

To use a slackline, you’ll need to visit a circus gym, or practice outside where you can use two tall trees as anchors. After that, all you’ll need is a length of flat webbing. It’s common to see this being practiced in parks during the summer months. Once you learn how to walk across the slackline, it’s incredibly addicting and it’s an excellent workout.

Slacklining tests your balance, and your core strength. Once you’re proficient in slacklining, you can learn how to do tricks like jumps and bounces, or even perform carefully balanced yoga poses on your slackline.

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