Get Your House in Order: Spring Cleaning Tips

The phrase “spring cleaning” can inspire a wide variety of feelings in different people. For some, a busy day of cleaning and purging is the most rewarding feeling on Earth. For others, spring cleaning is a necessary burden, a slog they can’t wait to finish. Regardless of where you fall on the cleaning spectrum, everyone can agree that it makes no sense to enter spring cleaning season unprepared. Maximize your impact and your cleaning capability this year with our helpful list of tips, which will ensure you get the most out of your hard work.

1. Make a Plan Before You Start

The worst thing you can do is start cleaning with a single bottle of product, a few rags, and no plan. Tackling a major whole-house cleaning project without a plan is a quick way to ensure it either never gets done or takes longer than it should. By making a plan beforehand, you’ll ensure you maximize your hard work and minimize the energy spent. You don’t need to follow the same plan as everyone else; the only requirement is that you start intentionally.

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2. Get Inspired with Resources

Some people spend the winter and early spring delving into resources that highlight effective cleaning methods. One of the most popular books in this genre is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Japanese author Marie Kondo. There’s also a wide variety of books extolling the virtues of a simplified life, like A Simplified Life by Emily Ley or Getting Things Done by David Allen. If you’re interested in changing your outlook this spring, these books are a great place to start. They’ll make you motivated to get your house in order.

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3. Rethink Your Existing Habits

Another way to ensure your spring cleaning efforts are maximized is to consider the way you use your home in the days leading up to your scheduled cleanup. Start noticing where things pile up and why. Chances are, if items are continually out of place in your home, it’s because they don’t actually have a designated place. The best way to prevent messy spaces from forming is to devise a new system. Install hooks for your keys, designate a place for incoming mail, or institute a new plan for ongoing piles of laundry or garbage.

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