10 Benefits of a TRX Workout

Total resistance exercise, also known as TRX or suspension weight training, is a workout that involves suspending your body from a strap suspension system and using your own weight combined with gravity as resistance. This revolutionary form of exercise was invented by Navy SEAL Commander Randy Hetrick in 1997 and has since blown up into a huge trend that can be found in gyms and homes around the world.

If you’re looking for a fun and simple way to work out, here at 10 ways you could benefit from a TRX workout.

It’s for all skill levels and ages

A Navy SEAL may have invented TRX but that doesn’t mean you have to be one to do it. Suspension training is widely used by a number of skilled athletes and fitness gurus alike. Despite that, beginners need not be intimidated; TRX workouts are highly customizable and can suit any skill, fitness, or age level.

Whether you’re a couch potato who is just starting out on your fitness journey or an avid exerciser who is looking to spice up your routine, TRX has something to offer you. TRX moves range from simple to complex and each move can be modified to either be gentler on you during times of injury or challenge you when you’re ready to progress.

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