10 Ways to Cure That Lonely Feeling

While everyone can feel alone and misunderstood from time to time, when it becomes overwhelming and ongoing over an extended period, that lonely feeling can take over a person’s life and daily thoughts.

The condition of loneliness can be a multi-faceted and complex issue. It is defined as feeling disconnected, experiencing social awkwardness, and having bouts of prolonged solitude. While feeling lonely does not fall under the mental health issue spectrum, those who experience it often deal with depression and anxiety. They also tend to have negative and insecure thoughts when it comes to relationships and friendships. Self-confidence and low self-esteem prohibit these people from venturing out to find new people to connect with or nurture existing relationships. Individuals who do have bouts of loneliness tend to also hold a negative connotation when it comes to finding social connections, establishing friendships or companionships.

Still, there is hope for those who struggle with that lonely feeling and much can be done to conquer it.

10. Just A Feeling

Feeling lonely has occurred to all of us in one point or another in our lives.  It is sometimes triggered by a memory of the past or during something that happened as a child.

When a person realizes that this feeling of loneliness is, in fact, just a feeling and not necessarily reality, then they are one step closer to helping overcome this overwhelming feeling. It’s important to remember, feeling lonely and being alone are two very different things

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