New Traditions to Start with Your Family This Holiday Season

Christmas marketing – it starts before Thanksgiving and goes until the presents are unwrapped and the floor underneath your tree is covered in dead pine needles. This year, make meaningful memories and escape the relentlessly materialistic Christmas messaging by instituting some new traditions with your family. Things that will bring you together and allow you to bond over a new shared experience.

We’ve gathered together a few tried-and-true suggestions for you to try this year!

Switch up the Menu

One of the easiest ways to start a new tradition for your family’s holiday celebration is to switch up the menu. Most of us fixate on food as one of the most important aspects of a family gathering, and by making a few small changes you can change the overall feel of the feast.

If you’re used to making a large cut of meat (like a roast turkey, pot roast, or brisket) surrounded by several side dishes, switch it up this year by making appetizers and small dishes instead. Or go completely crazy and do a fun, interactive dinner, like fondue.

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Cook a New Cuisine Together

Another way that you can shake up your family traditions is to get the whole family involved in learning a new cuisine together. On average, most cooking during the holidays is done by the same people – grandmothers, moms, and aunts tend to shoulder the heaviest cooking load.

This year, take some of the load off by suggesting a meal that everyone can make together. With a little research, you can throw together a really interesting meal that no one has tried before. Gather some recipes and ingredients to make sushi, curry, or even a stir fry, and push people out of their comfort zones.

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