Easy Ways to Avoid Stress This Holiday Season

While the holidays are a time for joy and togetherness, the reality of the situation is that putting your entire family in one room together is probably going to result in a bit of stress. First, there’s actually getting everyone there – wrangling all those different schedules takes a level of planning comparable to a royal wedding. Then, once they’re there, they have to be fed and presented with gifts – all of which gets exponentially more complicated the more people you add into the mix.

This holiday season, focus on what matters instead of stressing yourself out about the details. Here’s a helpful list of tips to help you avoid holiday stress this year.

Avoid Overscheduling Yourself

One of the primary stresses of the holiday season is that there’s just so much going on. Family parties, potlucks with friends, school events, neighborhood gatherings – the list goes on and on. It’s really easy to run yourself ragged trying to present your best self at party after party.

This holiday season, resolve to block out time in your schedule for rest. As long as you schedule in the big events that you don’t want to miss first, you should be able to arrange things so that you have a few days of down time between parties.

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