15 Things to Bring to a Potluck This Year

Potlucks are a staple of the holiday season – whether it’s an appetizer party where everyone contributes a plate of tiny bites or a family holiday meal that’s gotten so large one kitchen simply can’t feed all the guests anymore. While potlucks may seem easy (“everyone just bring whatever you feel like!”), a truly great potluck requires people to make sacrifices.

This year, be a team player and bring something necessary, but maybe not as glamorous, to the potluck. Things like cutlery, extra place settings, or even booze are all necessary items, so this year pick something untraditional and make this potluck the best one yet.

15. Salad Without Leaves

Extra salads are never a bad idea, especially during rich holiday meals where meat is usually the focus. However, you should try and avoid bringing a salad where lettuce is the star, especially if someone else is already bringing a salad. There’s nothing worse than two giant salads made of exactly the same ingredients.

Mix it up this year by tossing together a seasonal slaw or even a salad loaded with fruit and nuts. Really impress your family and friends by making a composed salad like a Cobb, or something a little less traditional, like mozzarella and tomato skewers.

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14. Extra Cutlery and Plates

Other necessary items that most people forget about when it comes to potlucks are the cutlery and plates. Potlucks tend to get thrown together haphazardly, and hosts often invite way more people than they have room for because they assume that everyone will just be mingling and eating standing up.

Make sure your host is covered for extra cutlery and plates by bringing some of your own, buying paper and plastic disposables, or splurging for a rental service where you can return the plates at the end of the evening.

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13. Napkins and Paper Towels

Napkins and paper towels are essential items that tend to get forgotten during the planning stage of a potluck. Make sure your host has plenty on hand by showing up with an armful this holiday season. Even if they don’t get used during the party, your host will be grateful to have them on hand during the cleanup – which usually takes place mid-hangover the next morning.

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