15 DIY Gifts That Are Perfect for Christmas

This year, resolve to flex your creative muscles when it comes to thinking up gifts for your nearest and dearest. Do-It-Yourself gifts are a fun and thoughtful way to communicate your love to your friends and family. Plus, they often cost less than a traditional gift bought from the mall, and are way more personalized and meaningful.

You don’t have to be an expert to make a cool gift this holiday season – just follow some of the tutorials we’ve linked, and you’ll have a perfect gift made in no time.

15. Baked Treats

This is probably the easiest gift to make for someone, and homemade treats are always appreciated. All you have to do is follow a recipe, and you can whip up some delicious cookies, cakes, and candies in no time. If you don’t know what kind of sweet treats they like the most, you can always make a fun, DIY version of popular favorites like Oreos, or even Girl Scout cookies. Wrap them up in pretty cellophane, tie them with a bow, and you’ve got a great present ready to go.

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14. DIY Cookie Kit

Another great homemade gift that’s perfect for the time-crunched people in your life is a DIY cookie kit. Assemble all the dry ingredients that you need for amazing cookies, brownies, or even a cake, and layer them attractively in a mason jar. Then seal the lid, and write out the instructions on how to make the cookies, including which liquid and fresh ingredients they’ll need to buy.

This is the perfect gift for kids or people who are learning to bake. If they don’t have a sweet tooth, you could do this with savory treats like cornbread or risotto.

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13. Wood Burned Cutting Boards and Coasters

It’s easy to make personalized wooden accessories for your home – all you need is a wood burning kit, which is cheap on Amazon or in any craft store. The kit allows you to personalize pre-made wooden objects, like cutting boards or coasters, or you can buy raw wood and shape it yourself to make larger objects, like a sign or wall hanging. Just be sure to read the instructions before diving in and test your wood burning kit on a piece of scrap wood first.

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