14 Unique Gifts They’ll Remember This Holiday Season

The lead up to the holiday season can be difficult. It never seems like you have that many family members, until the time comes to make a shopping list for all your holiday presents. Then the number of gifts that you have to coordinate and buy can be overwhelming. Don’t fall into the trap of buying your gifts from those tempting end-of-aisle displays!

This holiday season, shop smarter, and spend your money on things that your friends and family will actually appreciate. Here are a few unique gifts ideas to start you off – hopefully, they’ll inspire a whole new approach to gift giving.

14. Enroll Them in a Class

The gift of life-long learning is appreciated by everyone, from young children to older adults. The next time you’re struggling to come up with a gift idea, give them a gift certificate for an interesting new class. This can be anything from sushi-making at the local grocery store to a more involved technical class if they have a skill that they’re already developing.

This is a great gift idea for kids. Between music lessons, sports, and other activities, parents often find their budget stretched pretty thin and the gift of a year’s worth of lessons will always be extremely welcome.

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13. A Membership to a Gallery or Museum

Another gift that will help facilitate life-long learning is a membership to a local museum or gallery. There are always new exhibits rotating through galleries and museums, and a visit to one of these institutions tends to be pricey. A membership allows unlimited visits every year, plus there are often special events that are curated for members only.

In addition to buying a gift that will actually get used, you can also feel good about supporting a local arts and heritage organization in a time when arts funding is dwindling more than ever.

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