Welcome to Retirement: Embracing Aging

Getting older presents itself in a variety of ways — emotionally, physically, mentally. Whether you like it or not, the dull pulse of the second hand catches up with us all, eventually.

It’s a difficult concept for our feeble human brains to process. High school felt like yesterday and college was just a few moments ago. Existential crises aside, growing old is inevitable, challenging, and most importantly, a matter of perspective.

That’s right. Positive or negative, how you react to the slow creep of father time determines if it’s good or bad. If you choose to complain about it, forget about it, or let it halt your ambition, growing old may get the best of you. However, should you choose to embrace this natural progression, the possibilities are endless.

Today on Healthversed, we explore the importance of a positive, healthy perspective on the aging process. We’ll look at the benefits, deconstruct the downsides and explore a few time-tested ways in which even you can embrace aging. Let’s go!

How Old is Old?

Age is just a number. You’re only as old as you feel, yadda-yadda. The truth is, and you’re not going to like this, that once you hit 38, you’re unofficially considered old. Though you may be over a decade away from your seniors’ discount, your body begins to show its wear and tear at around 38. That’s not to say that anyone over the age of 38 should reserve their spot at the local community center’s water aerobics class, yet.

Another old age benchmark is age of retirement. Though many work into their 70s, 65 is considered average. Sure, 65 can look a lot different than 38 (unless you’re Jack LaLanne), but it’s important to place your age on this spectrum before we move forward.

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Why It Sucks

Let’s get this part out of the way immediately. Yes, the aging process is challenging. As you get older, your body doesn’t quite work like it used to. Pickle jars are harder to open, aches and pains begin to surface or intensify, new technologies and an ever-evolving cultural landscape can make you feel out of touch and obsolete, and your memory can get hazy. Not to mention the psychological challenges you may face along the way.

There’s more. Add to that the various adult obligations, financial restraints, and a decrease in independence and you’ve got a seemingly negative sum. It’s no secret. Getting old is tough. But hey, you never would have gotten this far in life if you weren’t tough too. So, take a breath, embrace the moment, and click that next button. Because from here on out, we’re only talking positives.

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