23 Gluten Substitutes Everyone Should Know

Today, people view gluten like it’s a James Bond villain — dangerous, and always lurking where you don’t suspect it. Whether you’re allergic to gluten or simply want to avoid it for health reasons, these gluten-free substitutes for some of your favorite foods prove you don’t need gluten to feast like royalty.

And sure, you can often find gluten-free versions of your traditional foods, like gluten-free bread, in the grocery store. But the best part about the following mind-blowing alternatives is that they taste better than the cardboard that retailers sell. Gluten, we hardly knew ya!

1. Corn Tortillas

Hasta la vista, gluten!

On Taco Tuesdays, swap in corn tortillas instead of the usual flour tortillas. They’re heartier and more flavorful, plus they have more fiber so you have a healthy reason to help yourself to seconds.

Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock

2. Rolled Quinoa

Here’s a gluten fact that’ll blow your mind: it’s not about wheat! Gluten is a type of protein and you’ll find gluten in oats, rye, and barley. While you can have wheat-free oats, it’s literally impossible to have gluten-free oats.

Instead, try rolled quinoa. Whether you’re making cookies or oatmeal, it gets the job done.

Image via Busy Girl Gets Fit
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