Gesundheit: 13 Weirdest Allergies People Actually Have

Having an allergy to anything, whether it’s pollen or peanuts, can be a real drag. Enduring runny noses and itchy eyes during the spring and summer months, or needing to be constantly mindful of what you eat isn’t exactly fun. Still, it could be worse; you could be allergic to something that’s inconvenient, unavoidable, and necessary to live.

Here are 13 weird allergies that actually exist.


There’s nothing like a refreshing glass of water on a hot afternoon or a warm bath at the end of a long day of work. So, can you imagine not being able to drink or ever touch water without it stinging your throat or giving you a rash?

There are only 32 known cases of aquagenic urticaria – an allergy to water – in the entire world. Sufferers experience pain and red welts when they come in contact with water or even with their own sweat. The root cause of it is still unknown and treatments are still being developed. Those who have it tend to avoid exercise, bathing, and drinking water when possible to prevent flare-ups.

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