Best Stress-Reducing Toys

Stress is something that most of us experience daily. Unfortunately, stress can impact your physical and mental health, leading to reduced work performance, increased absences, financial burden, and negative relationships.

How can you deal with stress in a fun, inexpensive way? Well, one effective way is to play with stress-relieving toys. These toys can help you by providing a distraction, relieving muscle tension, or allowing you to let out your frustrations.

Keep reading to learn more about 10 of the best stress-relieving toys available.

Fidget Spinner

This is definitely the year of the fidget spinner. These small ball-bearing toys, which you can rotate between your fingers, come in a variety of shapes and colors. Most have three spokes, but some resemble a ninja star. They are marketed as a useful device for those with anxiety or ADHD. So, how do they do this?

Well, for those with ADHD, it may provide sensory stimulation or a distraction. This means that it may also distract individuals with anxiety from worrying. Playing with the toys is often associated with a soothing feeling.

If you don’t already own a fidget spinner, but would like to try it, you can purchase one on Amazon, Wal-Mart (or any store that sells toys), and even at your local convenience store. Fidget spinners are typically under $10, but some fancier ones can cost up to $20.

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