Oral Health and Its Connection to the Rest of Your Body

It’s safe to say that most of us understand the importance of maintaining a daily brushing, flossing, and mouth washing routine. Our parents, guardians, dentists, and Saturday morning cartoons taught us that a proper oral-health routine will keep our smiles white and our natural teeth in our heads. But, like everything in the health and wellness world, there’s more to this story.

You see, oral health is about so much more than vanity. No mouth is an island. It’s part of an interconnected biological system. Good oral health protects against cavities, sure. But a comprehensive oral health strategy can also protect you from heart disease, diabetes, and even dementia.

Today on Healthversed, we open the world of oral health wide to uncover the dangers of poor oral health and share a few tips that’ll keep you smiling. Let’s go!

Symptom: Diabetes

Diabetics are more susceptible to gum disease. That much has been scientifically known for quite some time. But more and more research suggests that the two seemingly unrelated complications are in reality, intertwined.

That’s right! Poor oral health has been shown to affect your body’s ability to control blood glucose levels which may “contribute to the progression of diabetes.” The danger doesn’t end there. That’s because diabetes can often lead to kidney damage, hearing loss, nerve damage, and more.

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Tip: Ease up on the Sugar

Just because you hate the dentist doesn’t mean that you should disregard their sage advice. They know way more about teeth than all of us. And they resoundingly suggest that you cut back on sugar! It’s another textbook example of addition by subtraction.

You see, sugar is like jet fuel for the harmful tooth-eating bacteria that call your mouth their home. It really is that simple. If you must eat sugar, be sure to brush away that bacteria feeding junk before the bacteria have time to make it to the dinner table. That means ASAP!

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