How to Stay Healthy This Summer

It’s no coincidence that before summer comes, people pack into the gym to try and get a head start on their summer beach body. However, once they get into that bathing suit, many people drop their attempt to be healthy, and instead indulge in all the sweet treats and salty snacks they can get their hands on.

There’s something about summer that makes a dripping popsicle, or bowl of chips and dip an absolute requirement. If you’re still trying to stay healthy, we’ve collected a few tips that will help you enjoy your summer while still treating your body right.

Curb Your Indulgence of Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the most decadent treats of summer. It helps cool you down, and most people would be lying if they say they’ve never eaten it instead of dinner. The important thing to remember when it comes to sweet treats like ice cream is moderation.

If you want to go out with friends for ice cream, don’t abstain completely, but limit yourself to a small or child’s size scoop. Most ice cream shops will allow you to choose two flavors in a small scoop, so you still get to taste multiple flavors.

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Make Your Own Popsicles Instead of Buying Sugary Freezies

Keeping popsicles or freezies in your freezer each summer is a great way to help fight the heat. They help cool you down and can prevent dehydration at the same time. However, regular freezies and popsicles are completely chock full of artificial preservatives and coloring, as well as excess sugar.

Don’t give up your popsicles completely, but make sure they’re a bit healthier by making them yourself. A plastic mold only costs a few dollars, and you can add in healthy additions like coconut milk, fresh fruit, and herbs.

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Get Creative with Grilling

A backyard barbecue is one of the most quintessential gatherings of summer. If you’re trying to eat healthy, there’s no need to abstain from these completely, but when the menu is entirely meat-based, it’s hard to stick to a healthy eating regime.

The next time you’re planning –  or invited to –  a barbecue, suggest a meal where meat is the star, but not a solo act. Grilled kebabs, or souvlaki sticks make great use of the grill, but also feature plenty of grilled veggies and salads to go alongside. This way, you’ll get a balanced meal.

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