Common Mutations We Inherit from Our Parents

When you’re a student in high school, you probably did a few projects on genetic mutations, and the ways that our parents’ biology and genetic makeup influences our life. For those who’ve forgotten, genetic mutation is the way our cells divide to create new cells, which can malfunction and create conditions that are different from what we see as “normal.” Many mutations can occur in our lifetimes, but most happen in the womb.

Germ-line mutations are inherited from our parents, and they help decide a lot of things about us before we’re born. There are some mutations that are negative, while others can have a positive or neutral impact on our lives. Read on below to find out which mutations you may be vulnerable to.

1. Blue Eyes

It seems unbelievable, but scientists have tracked down the source of the mutation which causes blue eyes. It seems that the mutation came from one single person who lived over 6,000 years ago! Research shows that this person is the ancestor of every single person alive on Earth who has blue eyes. Originally, every person on Earth had brown eyes, but eventually a chromosomal switch in this one person created the option for blue eyes. After that, whoever he or she had children with carried this gene for blue eyes, passing it down through history. This research took over 10 years to complete, and surveyed people with blue eyes all over the globe.

Piotr Krzeslak / Shutterstock
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