Common Misconceptions about Cancer That Need to Be Squashed

It’s in our movies, books, and reality TV shows. It touches our lives, and the lives of our loved ones in tragic, life changing ways. And yet, in spite of unfettered access to decades of in-depth research, cancer remains shrouded in mystery and misconceptions.

Researchers are far from knowing everything that there is to know about cancer, but that doesn’t mean that they know nothing. Decades of research has allowed scientists to rule out a few common misconceptions, but that hasn’t stopped internet denizens from presenting them as fact.

Today on Healthversed, we’re going to clear up a few common cancer misconceptions to keep you in the know. Ready? Let’s go!

Sugar makes cancer worse

The internet helps us learn, discover, and connect. But it also helps propagate false information. Case in point, the theory that sugar consumption makes cancer grow faster. The theory posits that the carbohydrate-laden sugar molecules present in our favorite foodstuffs feeds cancer cells, but the truth is much less click-worthy.

You see, all cells rely on sugar consumption for energy. It’s just simple biology. We mean, it’s not as if the sugar from your Snickers bar snubs your muscle tissue, automatically funnelling towards cancer cells in the body. Biology just doesn’t work that way.

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Marijuana fights cancer

Marijuana has been used to treat symptoms of nausea and vomiting that can come with common chemotherapy treatments. A few studies have shown that medicinal marijuana can treat neuropathic and stimulate pain. It’s even been shown to kill cancer cells in a laboratory setting.

But, and this part is very, very important, there has never been any empirical evidence that links marijuana consumption with shrinking cancer cells in the human body. The science is still quite new, and there’s still a heck of a lot to learn, but choosing to rely solely on marijuana as a cancer treatment is dangerous and entirely unproven. Consider yourself warned.

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Naturopathic alternatives cure cancer

Another very dangerous set of beliefs is one often circulated by naturopaths with sales quotas. Don’t believe us? Then why don’t we take a closer look at the curious and tragic case of Steve Jobs.

The tech visionary opted for a naturopathic solution over more traditional, and more successful, treatment methods.  He tried acupuncture, special fruit juices, and counselling sessions with self-described “spiritualists.” He also died regretting his fatal decision.

We know it’s harsh, but it’s important. Traditional cancer treatments can be grueling, but they’re your best shot at survival. Listen to your doctor, follow your prescription exactly, and toss the expensive magic fruit smoothie in the trash. It might save your life.

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