14 Houseplants You Don’t Have to Worry about Killing

I am the Genghis Khan of houseplant atrocities. You’re free to roll your eyes a full 360 degrees, but it’s the truth. I kill every houseplant that I touch.

But here at Healthversed, we believe that through education, rehabilitation, and routine watering, anything is possible. That’s right! Even I, heinous murderer of all things green, can learn. Today, we’ll take a look at the most resilient, low-maintenance houseplants in the world. Ready? Let’s go!


Not only is the aloe vera plant hard to kill, it’s also incredibly useful! The goo (that’s the technical term) inside the aloe plant’s leaves is used to hydrate the skin, and treat burns and scrapes. So, how do you keep from killing it? Well I’m glad you asked!

Aloe requires a roomy pot, well-draining potting mix and indirect or artificial sunlight. Read: no direct sunlight. The key to keeping these babies alive? Avoid overwatering. Just let the soil dry out a bit before each watering. That’ll prevent the plant’s roots from rotting.

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Peace lily

Peace lilies are resilient, don’t require much sunlight and can grow as tall as six feet. Which is pretty good when you consider how low-maintenance these plants actually are.

The trick to a long, healthy, peace lily life is keeping the soil moist at all times. You’ll also want to keep the plant away from direct sunlight. Peace lilies are at their healthiest in a well-lit, consistently warm, indoor environment.

A key thing to remember is that if the peace lily refuses to show its characteristic white bloom, then it may require more light. Try moving the plant and keep an eye out for that bloom!

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