13 Ways to Speed up Recovery Post-Workout

With summer rapidly approaching, a lot of people are resolving to hit the gym more often in order to prep for swimsuit season. This leads to an influx of new people at the gym, who may not have a clear idea of how to use the machines both safely and effectively. While you should definitely make sure your gym activities are both safe and effective, you can help yourself out a lot by coming up with a great pre and post workout routine, and sticking to it.

A well-rounded gym routine ensures that you’ll always have enough energy for your workout, and that you finish strong without having to deal with aching muscles the next day. Here are a few tips to help speed up your post-workout recovery.

Warm up

The first thing you should do at the gym after you get changed is warm up. It’s incredibly important that your muscles stretch and get used to activity before you push them into anything strenuous. So many jobs now are completely sedentary, and we forget that our bodies need time to adjust to activity after sitting down for eight hours straight. Warming up for at least five minutes is key to preventing sore muscles post-workout. The best warm up includes activities like running, jumping jacks, lunges, and squats. These exercises get the blood flowing to your muscles, and loosens up your joints at the same time.

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