10 Strangest Medicine Side Effects

Many often remark in amusement at the lengthy list of side effects rattled off in medicine commercials, making the prescriptions themselves sound incredibly unpleasant. But even these litanies of common side effects – diarrhea, depression, dizziness – are nothing compared to the rare and strange side effects of certain medications.

Medicine can do some strange things to a human body. These off-putting side effects are rare enough that they often don’t make it into the commercial. However, despite their rarity, occasionally a person is unfortunate enough to discover these unsettling results.

Here are 10 of the strangest side effects and the drugs that cause them. If you find yourself needing to take any of the medicines listed below, we hope that you’re not one of the unlucky few who experience anything more than dry mouth or a headache.

1. Blue Urine

Usually when a doctor tells you to keep an eye out for urine discoloration, they have blood in mind. Now, imagine heading to the toilet and seeing blue instead. Certain drugs, such as the painkiller Indocin and anesthetic Diprivan, have been known to turn urine this strange color.

The artificial dye in these medications is what causes your urine to change colors, so there’s no reason to fret. Plus, blue urine isn’t even the worst of it. The antibiotic Flagyl, for instance, has been known to turn urine black. That’s enough to scare the … you know … out of you.

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