Swimming: Low Impact, Fun, and Surprisingly Good For You

The world of health and wellness is very crowded. New diet trends, “revolutionary” workout routines, diet supplements … you can get lost in the ever shifting, ever changing world that is your health. Our word of advice? Filter out the static and stick to the tried and true classics. Case in point: swimming.

Swimming is the unheralded queen of aerobic exercise. Whether it’s a backyard pool, a full-scale Olympic facility at a local community center, or a natural water source, swimming is a fantastic thing. It’s a staple in most successful workout regimens. Why? Well we’re getting to that. Today on Healthversed, we don our bathing suits and dive in to the healthy world of swimming. Cannonball!

Low Impact

“Low Impact” is a term us health nuts throw around quite a bit. It’s basically just a fancy way of saying that a specific workout is easy on the joints. Think walking, cycling, the elliptical and, obviously, swimming!

So yes, swimming is a low impact workout option. But more than that, water makes you buoyant, giving your back, knees, and feet a much-needed reprieve from the pressure of supporting your entire body. After all, you are floating!

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It’s Great for Seniors

Hopefully, we’ll all live long, fulfilling, and healthy lives of exercise, laughs, and broccoli. As you get older, certain exercises get more difficult. Knee pain may keep your running shoes locked in the closet. And, though there are outliers, I doubt you’ll be doing box jumps and dead lifts well in to your 70’s. Word of advice, fall in love with swimming now. It’s a great habit to nurture early on in life and it’s one that you can enjoy well into your twilight years.

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