He’s Into You if…

Flirtation can be complicated, and makes many people feel like they’re back in high school. However, there’s no need to fear! Flirting is something that everyone can do, and is a great way to figure out whether someone is interested in your and if you’re interested in them in return.

Here are a few ways to figure out if that cute guy in your office or that adorable new gym hottie is into you, and what to do about it if you decide to make a move. There’s no need to hang back in fear of misreading the situation. With these tips, you’ll be confidently slipping them your number in no time.

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1. He makes lots of eye contact

Eye contact is one of the sexiest ways to let someone know that you’re interested in them. While it can be hard to read whether someone is into you or just loves making eye contact with everyone, a good way to tell is if they smile when your eyes meet theirs. Do they catch your eyes when you’re saying goodbye, and grin a little bit? If the answer is yes, chances are they’re interested in you, and are just too afraid to come out and say it.

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2. He finds reasons to be close to you

If you’re into someone, you’ll want to find reasons to be close to them all the time. If you realize that someone in your life has been wanting to hang out more often, and seeks you out even when it’s inconvenient, chances are they want to take a step beyond friendship. This doesn’t just apply to hanging out as someone who physically steps into your space or finds reasons to be physically close to you is definitely into you. If a person seeks to be close to you all the time, they’re definitely feeling an undeniable attraction.

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3. He finds reasons to touch you

The romantic comedy tropes about couples playing footsie under the table aren’t just a product of the movie industry. People who like each other want to be physically close all the time. If someone is into you, they’ll do their best to touch you as much as possible, and it’s usually pretty subtle. Brushing elbows or a knee leaning just a bit too close might be the only clues you’ll get. Does he illustrate a point by poking your arm, or giving you a playful shove? He’s probably into you!

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