Don’t Break the Chain: How to Stay Creative

Creativity makes life more fulfilling. It allows you to look beyond the surface and see things in interesting ways. Creativity is useful in everyday life and it may even come about unexpectedly. But for many people, creativity is required to do a job, complete a project, or allow them to move forward in their life. If you’re one of those people — or if you would simply like to tap into your creativity as a way to enjoy life and try new things — you may need a boost from time to time. How can you get your creativity flowing (and make it continue to flow)? Let’s have a look at some effective ways to stay creative.

Use a mind map

Remember when you were in elementary school and your teacher would ask you to brainstorm or create a web of ideas? Well, mind maps are basically the same thing. It is typically a diagram, centered around a single concept or word. You can use words, images, symbols, colors, and a hierarchical system (with branches) when creating a mind map.

Research on mind mapping suggests that it fosters creativity. One study showed that it improved students’ ability to generate, visualize, and organize ideas. This was especially true when it came to writing. So, next time you have writer’s block, you know what to do! Mind mapping helps in this area (and others) by allowing you to see new, deeper connections. On top of all this, mind mapping boosts memory, and helps you to plan and organize.

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