DIY Natural Remedies for Rosacea

It’s red, it aches and it’s next to impossible to hide. Living with rosacea can be a real pain, no pun intended. For the unaware, rosacea is a chronic skin malady that causes redness and swelling in an individual’s chin, cheeks, nose and forehead. For some, rosacea can cause severe swelling and pain. For the most part though, it’s a mild-but-infuriating inconvenience.

Bad news, it can’t be cured. But rest assured, we here at Healthversed prefer to leave the bad news to the bad news sites. Today, we’re going to give you options! Yes, living with rosacea isn’t the greatest. But the following list of DIY natural rosacea remedies is! That’s right, we said it. Let’s go!


Though there are no cures for rosacea as of this writing, there are a few known triggers. Things like alcohol and caffeine have been shown to worsen symptoms, so stay clear of those if possible. Also, avoid eating fried foods, sugar, processed foods, and dairy products as they’ve all been shown to worsen inflammation.

We know, all of the fun stuff makes your rosacea worse. But, should that be a surprise? We all know that a life of excess negatively impacts your overall quality of life. So why should your skin be any different?

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Eat More

So, you’ve eliminated all of the bad food but your rosacea still burns on. There are a few health food remedies that may help ease your pain. Healthy fats, like coconut oil, have been shown to reduce inflammation and promote proper hormone production. Organic fruit and vegetables are a great source of anti-oxidants. Particularly, leafy greens are full of sun-damage-fighting carotenoids — healthy and fun to say.

In general, you’re looking for health foods billed as anti-inflammatory. Think tumeric, ginger, onions, and broccoli.

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Aloe Vera

Is there anything that it can’t do? Aloe Vera is a truly incredible, natural substance. It soothes skin, helps heal wounds, heck, a few tablespoons of the goopy stuff can even help lower your blood sugar! Today though, we’re going to keep it skin deep.

Simply apply Aloe Vera to the rosacea troubled areas, let dry for roughly 15 minutes and rinse! You’ll notice Aloe’s distinct cooling sensation immediately. And it may bring down the redness too!

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