15 Ways You’re Damaging Your Skin Without Knowing

1. Using too many skincare products

Most people have the notion that the more skincare products you use, the better your skin will be. However, this is generally the opposite of the truth. Using too many products can actually dry out or irritate your skin, and there’s even a chance that some of the products can counteract one another. Another thing to consider is that the more products you use, the harder it will be to figure out which one is causing any potential irritation to your skin.

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2. Having bangs

Have you ever had someone say, “Don’t get bangs … it’ll make your acne awful”? The oils and debris from your hair can cause an influx of acne when you decide to get bangs. Maybe opt for another haircut or at least some side bangs. But what if you’re set on bangs? The good news? The bangs usually cover up any acne, so you don’t have to worry too much.

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3. Not working out at all

Now no one’s saying you have to work out every single day, but working out has tons of benefits, one of them being glowing skin. When you exercise, it increases blood circulation and gets rid of waste from your skin. Working out also helps reduce stress, which is another cause of acne. Moral of the story: throw a show on Netflix and get jogging on the treadmill!

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