Why Your “Healthy Foods” Aren’t as Healthy as You Think

If you were to ask 20 different people what they think makes a food “healthy,” you would probably get twenty unique responses. If you Google “healthy food,” almost 47 million results appear for your reading pleasure. That’s a lot. And what makes a food “healthy” is just as impossible to pin down.

What we do know is that science, fads, diets in general, education, and what your cousin on social media says, all contribute to the ever-changing set of qualities that influence your grocery store purchases. And, so are food manufacturers. Because they are also privy to the same info, trends, etc. that you are, and want a say in what food ends up in your cart.

So let’s get into why your “healthy foods” might not be as wonderful as all the hype says they are.

nehopelon / Shutterstock
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