Bizarre Afflictions That Don’t Seem Real

There are certain medical conditions that everyone has heard of such as cancer, heart disease, or even diabetes. If you are diagnosed with one of these, the social response is clear. However, there are rare times when you are sent to the doctor and the diagnosis is more puzzling than revealing.

To spark your curiosity, here’s a list of some of the rarest diseases in the world. Hopefully, if you’re lucky, you’ll go your entire life without having to deal with one of these conditions up close and personal. Check it out and see if any of your obscure symptoms match a syndrome listed.

Cotard Delusion

Cotard Delusion was most recently featured on one of the first episodes of the Hannibal TV series. This mental illness causes people who have it to believe that they are already dead. People with Cotard Delusion (named after the neurologist who discovered the first few patients, Jules Cotard) often refuse to participate in the most basic necessities of life because they believe that they are already dead. In one early case study, the patient starved to death because she didn’t believe that she needed to eat. / Shutterstock
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