You’re Not Alone: Common Pet Peeves

Sharing space with people takes a lot more work than we sometimes want to admit. We love our families and our roommates, but sometimes living in close quarters with other human beings can use every scrap of willpower we have. What’s worse is having to deal with people in the outside world doing things that annoy you.

Everyone has their own particular pet peeves, and not blowing up at someone who is chewing with their mouth open or using their sleeve to wipe their nose instead of a Kleenex is an act of tremendous self-control. Here are a few common pet peeves. Be on the lookout in case you get caught doing one of these yourself!

Mouth breathing

Ok, this is an obvious one. People who breathe primarily through their mouth instead of their nose are incredibly irritating because of the increased noise and frequent halitosis that seem to be common among mouth breathers.

Breathing through the mouth is common among people with nostril or facial deformities and is generally not something you can control. Even though it might not be a controllable condition, it is still super annoying.

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People who take up multiple seats  

There is something very obnoxious about someone who takes up multiple seats in public areas. Unconsciously, it says to passersby that they have more right to the space than other people.

Another term for this is “manspreading.” Coined because many times it is a man who takes up more room than he has a right to. These men feel the need to spread their legs in order to make more room for themselves. Funny enough, they all seem to love taking public transit.

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Slow walkers

Everyone’s been there. Stuck behind someone slow when you’re trying to walk at a normal pace along the sidewalk. These people seem to think that the public sidewalk is no different than their own house and move at their own pace instead of matching the speed of foot traffic. The only way to avoid slow walkers is to become adept at ducking and dodging around them.

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