The 12 Worst Things about Being on a Diet

Reading the title of this article, you likely fall into one of two camps. Either you’re the type of person who thought something like “Ugh, I totally could have written this,” or “12 is way too low of a number.”  Or you’re one of the lucky few who are blissfully unaware of what it’s like to even be on a diet and are reading this out of sheer curiosity.

Whether you’re trying to stick to a New Year’s Resolution you made, just decided you need a change, or are genuinely interested in getting healthier, you’ve probably ventured (not so) happily on a trip into Diet Land. Once or twice.

It’s no surprise! Likely the word “diet” has a Greek or Latin origin, but for those who have been on the diet merry-go-round a couple of times, the first three letters of the word speak volumes.

So, let’s come together and vent about all the ways diets really are the worst.


That’s in all caps because it is basically just so darn obvious. No further explanation needed.

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2. All you can think about is food

We all know that when we are told we cannot have something, we usually want it even more (Google “scarcity principle” to understand why). And this is entirely true with food. The second you tell yourself “No!” you become fixated. Distractions can help, but only for so long. If you’re not careful, a good ol’ gorge-fest could be in your future, potentially derailing you and throwing all your hard work out the window. See? Diets suck.

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3. You’re not the most pleasant company

Now, this isn’t always the case, but if you are limiting the quantity of food you eat, you’re probably suffering from a well-known phenomenon which occurs when people become a wee bit hangry. This usually coincides with your social circle diminishing to only those who really love you enough to able to withstand your ragey, food-deprived state.

But why is it that we get so darn moody? It’s mostly because the limitation of calories causes your blood sugar to drop, and for some, this makes all the socially-condoned behaviors you learned in kindergarten rapidly become a thing of the past.

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