20 Things Women Who Don’t Have Kids Want You to Know

Let’s get a few things straight before we begin: there are hundreds of reasons why a woman might not have kids. We might be too old, too young, feeling too selfish or too busy. It might be a personal choice or it might not be. We might just not quite be ready yet.

Whatever the reason, many of us childless women have the same thoughts about kids. They’re not always polite, and they’re not always fair either, but we think it’s about time we let you inside our heads a little bit. Here are 20 things women who don’t have kids want you to know:

We’re sorry, but we don’t want to see pictures of your children

We’re sure they are cute, and we’re sure that whatever thing they did was really funny and really naughty. But — and we don’t know how to say this nicely — we’re not interested. Sorry about that.

kikovic / Shutterstock.com
kikovic / Shutterstock.com
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