20 Things People With Chronic Pain Want You to Know

To be diagnosed with chronic pain, one must experience pain for longer than three months.

Right now, if someone were to hand you a survey which asked when you last suffered from chronic pain, and you were able to answer “never,” count yourself lucky as 100 million Americans are not able to say the same. When doing the math, this number is greater than those dealing with diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer combined. That’s huge.

So, with such a high number of people coping with such a devastating illness (maybe even someone in your life) here are a few things they might like you to know so you can better understand the realities of this condition.

1. This is not just “in my head”

As humans, part of the empathy process involves having visual cues to provide understanding for what someone is dealing with. Therefore, when trying to figure out what life must be like with chronic pain, this process might prove challenging, as we don’t always see something to which we can relate.

It’s this missing validation that may contribute to a lack of understanding of how much the person really is suffering. In the case of chronic pain, give someone the benefit the doubt and know that just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s “just in [their] head.”

Andrei Rahalski / Shutterstock.com
Andrei Rahalski / Shutterstock.com
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