20 Mistakes That Could Be Causing Your Acne

Nevermind the teen myths, the old wives’ tales, the voodoo curses, the crazy and unreliable “somebody said’s.” More and more skin experts and professionals are joining the frustrating chorus saying that acne is not a curse.

It doesn’t “just happen.” It can’t be blamed on hormones gone wild. And, when it comes to causing acne, YOU may be the culprit!

The skin contains millions of small sebaceous glands under the surface. They excrete an oil called sebum that usually helps keep skin smooth and supple. This oil is released via pores, where hair also grows from. When the body produces a lot of sebum, the skin can feel oily and these pores can become clogged. When pores get clogged, bacteria grows. The result: pimples, also known as acne.

Acne can strike adolescents due to hormonal changes, but acne affects all ages. According to recent studies, at any given time, as many as 17 million Americans are suffering with acne.

Blame it on…

1. Bad Hygiene

Washing, showering, and bathing are a normal fact of life and keys to personal hygiene. For some people suffering with acne, washing the face becomes an obsession and a ritual.

Although the face must be washed to minimize acne and keep it clear, the face should never be scrubbed with anything! Despite what some may say, scrubbing invariably causes acne.

Stefano Cavoretto / Shutterstock.com
Stefano Cavoretto / Shutterstock.com

2. Dirty Brushes

Putting makeup on your face with oily, dirty brushes means buffing that oil and dirt into your skin. Yuck!

Take the time to clean your brushes at least once a week to rinse away all the gunk from your face and makeup. Even if your face is clean when applying makeup, your brushes can still accumulate oil, dirt, and bacteria.

To clean your brushes, use warm water and a gentle shampoo and clean your brushes gently with your hands until the water runs clear. Set them on a paper towel and let them dry overnight.

inspired_by_the_light / Shutterstock.com
inspired_by_the_light / Shutterstock.com

3. Sports and Sport Equipment

Everything from helmets, to face guards, to hats, and sports bras can cause acne. Guys who wear helmets for hockey or football tend to develop acne more often than those that don’t. Women can become sweaty working out and develop acne where their clothes are pressed against the skin, such as sports bras leaving acne patterns where the straps are.

Peter Bernik / Shutterstock.com
Peter Bernik / Shutterstock.com
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