15 Signs You’re Smarter Than You Think You Are

Most people grow up being trained to learn, and grow with time. Any good school should instill a love of learning in a child, and should help them develop tools to continue their learning long after they leave formal education.

However, many kids grow up not believing they’re truly intelligent, and some of these troubled kids grow into adults with ‘impostor syndrome’. That is, intelligent adults who believe that whatever they accomplish is never enough, and who live in fear of being exposed as a fraud.

Next time you’re feeling hard on yourself, take a look at this list, and check out some of the signs that prove you’re actually smarter than you think you are:

You doubt your own intelligence

The key part of struggling with impostor syndrome is that you doubt your own intelligence. You don’t trust your own intelligence, so you downplay your smarts in situations where you’re around other people that you fear are more intelligent than you.

Research has shown that women and minorities suffer from impostor syndrome much more than white men — probably a by-product of centuries of being considered second-class citizens.

CHAjAMP / Shutterstock.com
CHAjAMP / Shutterstock.com
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