15 Scary But True Stories of Doctors Behaving Badly

They give you peace of mind, they somehow manage to keep a straight face while you unabashedly rattle off awkward questions and they belong to the small yet privileged few that can truly claim they’ve seen you naked.

Though your Mother or your Father may be the one to “kiss your boo-boo,” it’s the men and women in the scrubs and rubber gloves that do the real work. At least, that’s the idea.

You see, Doctors are human beings after all. Sometimes they sleep through their alarm, sometimes they drive away with their coffee mug still sitting on their sunroof and sometimes (but only sometimes) they abuse their power in dangerous, cruel and downright odd ways.

Today on Healthversed, we explore 15 cringe-inducing tales of doctors behaving badly. Scrubs on? Then let’s go!

Dr. John Verbovsky

Our first story hails out of Detroit… and it’s a doozy.

Dr. John Verbosky is currently serving jail time for a series of drug-related offences. First, Verbovsky over-prescribed massive doses of pain medication to two female patients with the aim of getting them addicted. They got addicted. Then he forced them to do a variety of explicit sexual acts in exchange for more prescription re-fills.

As if that wasn’t enough… he also knowingly filled fraudulent prescriptions to a drug dealer, receiving a cut of the profits in return.

Liderina / Shutterstock.com
Liderina / Shutterstock.com

Dr. Allan Zarkin

Zarkin was an Obstetrician working out of a hospital in Manhattan in the ‘90s. He became very close with one of his patients and her family. In hindsight, he probably got a little too close.

The patient went into labor and it became clear that the baby required a Caesarean. Dr. Zarkin performed the procedure and was so proud of his work that he decided to stake his claim. He picked up a scalpel and etched his initials in the patient’s belly, just above the C-section scar. It’s no wonder the media dubbed him Zorro.

Einar Muoni / Shutterstock.com
Einar Muoni / Shutterstock.com

Dr. Michael Mockovak

Doctor Michael Mockovak, despite having a name that’s incredibly fun to say, isn’t a very nice person. In fact, he’s a very, very bad person.

He was sentenced to 20 years in prison for soliciting a hitman in a murder for hire plot to kill his long-time friend and business partner Dr. Joseph King. The two built a Laser Eye Surgery empire together called Clearly Lasik in Seattle. Which is ironic, because apparently nobody saw this deadly plot coming (I’m not sorry).

MichaelVaulin / Shutterstock.com
MichaelVaulin / Shutterstock.com
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