15 Ways to Kick Sugar Cravings to the Curb

Nowadays, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t crave sweets every now and again. The average person consumes about 53 pounds of sugar per year, and if that seems excessive, imagine how high that number is if you actually have a sweet tooth!

If you want to start eating healthier, cutting out refined sugar is a great place to start. Sugar has been linked to obesity and tooth decay, and is suspected to be linked with a ton of other serious diseases like dementia and cardiovascular disease. Improve your overall health today by kicking your sugar cravings to the curb.

Here are a few ways you can start. Remember, usually the first 3 days are the worst!

Go cold turkey

Some people find that they’re able to quit sugar cold turkey. If you’re one of these people, congratulations! You’ve done what many find that they’re completely unable to do.

If you want to try quitting refined sugar cold turkey, it’s important that for the first 72 hours you eat no form of refined sugar — this means not just candy or soda, but stuff like fruit or white bread as well. After the first 72 hours, many people find that their withdrawal symptoms ease off, and they feel able to reintroduce some sugar in small quantities.

Voyagerix / Shutterstock.com
Voyagerix / Shutterstock.com

Mix it with protein or healthy fats

Another way to wean yourself off sugar is to mix it with other food. For example, if you’re feeling like you want some chocolate, go ahead and eat some — but first, mix it with some food that’s healthier for you, like fruit or nuts.

Dipping an orange in chocolate sauce, or grabbing a small handful of chocolate chips mixed in with some raisins or almonds will help fill you up and give you some necessary protein and fiber along with the chocolate.

Es75 / Shutterstock.com
Es75 / Shutterstock.com

Go small — think under 150 calories

When you’re first weaning yourself off refined sugar, it can be hard to quit outright. The next time you find that you’re craving sugar, reach for a small treat instead of a large serving.

This means grabbing a Halloween size chocolate bar instead of a full-size one, or a single truffle instead of a whole cupcake. After a while, you’ll find that your cravings are satisfied with less and less.

weRpix / Shutterstock.com
weRpix / Shutterstock.com
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