20 Most Overweight Cities in America

Obesity has plagued the modern world for decades. And solving it isn’t as simple as, say, telling everyone to put down the Oreos. It’s a complex, multi-faceted social issue stemming from equal parts education, culture, poverty and industry. The effects of widespread obesity begin with staggering healthcare costs and ripple through our culture.

I want to make this clear from the get-go: this is not a “point and laugh” piece. If you’ve ever struggled with weight or are currently on the path to better health (fist bump), then you understand how hurtful words can be.

No — this is a very, very, very small snapshot of a much larger problem. It’s also a reminder that obesity isn’t simply a problem of willpower or a purely individual problem – it can be cultural.

Today at Healthversed, we’re travelling from sea to shining sea to bring you the 20 most overweight cities in the good ‘ole US of A. We use the term “city” loosely here. Some of the following metropolitan regions contain more than one city and a few even cross state borders.

As far as the numbers go, we’re ranking the cities on the categories of Fat Prevalence (percentage of overweight/obese citizens), weight related health problems, and their access to Healthy Food or, their Healthy Environment ranking.

#20: Scranton – Wilkes Barre – Hazleton, PA

We begin with an amalgamation of cities located in North Eastern Pennsylvania. This working class city boasts a population of over 550,000 residents spread out across the Wyoming Valley.

The region ranked 3rd in fat prevalence (the percentage of people overweight or obese) but balanced it out with lower rankings in weight related health problems (35th) and better access to healthy food (64th).

Jon Bilous / Shutterstock.com
Jon Bilous / Shutterstock.com

#19: Oklahoma City, OK

Next, we travel to the home of Olivia Munn, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the University of Oklahoma. The Fat Prevalence of Oklahoma City isn’t bad (44th), but its overall score is brought down dramatically by its high percentage of weight related health problems (20th).

When news broke of OKC’s unfortunate place on the chubby list, the mayor decided to take action in the most American way possible: by declaring a War on Obesity!

Katherine Welles / Shutterstock.com
Katherine Welles / Shutterstock.com

#18: Greensboro – High Point, North Carolina

The home of the world’s largest furniture specialty library! I mean, talk about excitement.

Unfortunately for its residents, the Greensboro/High Point area of North Carolina is also famous for ranking embarrassingly low on the Healthy Environment ranking (22nd overall). They didn’t fare much better on the percentage of weight related health problems ranking either (23rd).

KAD Photo / Shutterstock.com
KAD Photo / Shutterstock.com
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