16 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job

There are times in life when you have to take a dead-end job in order to pay the bills, or you find yourself stuck in a job because of personal ties or other loyalties there. There are uncountable reasons why people take jobs that they don’t enjoy, but staying there for long periods of time can be soul-crushing.

Here are a few signs that it’s time for you to start thinking of another job. You don’t have to quit in a spectacular fashion, either. Take your time, scour some job boards, and ask around — you’ll find a better job in no time!

You’re more excited to see the vending machine than you are to see the people you work with

Sad but true. If the most exciting part of your day is taking your wallet and heading off to the vending machine, you should probably rethink your current employment situation.

At the very least, you should switch up your snack choices — a vending machine treat is OK once in a while, but it’s incredibly rare to find something healthy that came out of a coin-operated machine.

Dmitri Ma / Shutterstock.com
Dmitri Ma / Shutterstock.com
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