15 Signs You’re Being Used

No one wants to be that person — the one that everyone else knows is being used, but is too blind or unwilling to see it for themselves.

There are plenty of ways to spot a manipulator and stop them in their tracks. Sometimes it takes completely pulling yourself out of the situation to see it clearly, but other times, they leave insidious little clues that you can spot with just a little sleuthing.

Check out the list below if you’re concerned that your latest relationship has turned lopsided, and find out how to stop it before someone gets hurts:

You never pick the activity or outing

Do you always find yourself doing activities that the other person picks out? If so, good for you for being flexible, but make sure you’re not simply giving in to the whims of a pushy partner. It’s possible you might be being used instead of valued as an equal partner in the relationship.

Next time your date (or even your friend) suggests an expensive restaurant that really isn’t your taste, or an activity that you just can’t get behind, gently insist on doing something that you can both agree on. Take note of their response.

Kar Tr / Shutterstock.com
Kar Tr / Shutterstock.com
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