16 Things Successful People Do in Their Spare Time

Successful people need to kick back from time to time, you know. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, every successful person needs to put their feet up, or head out and do something they love.

If you’re planning on turning your life around and becoming a success, you not only need to understand the mindset of a successful person, but you need to be able to take time for yourself.

Work hard, play hard, succeed hard.

Take a look at these ways that successful people like to spend their spare time, and consider how you spend your spare time.


Exercise might not sound like a way to spend spare time and relax for some people, but it’s actually a great way to take your mind off your work. By doing physical exercise, you’ll release endorphins that make you feel great, reducing stress and making hard work so much more manageable.

Even just half an hour of exercise after a long day of work get help your physical and mental health, oxidizing your body and helping you remain healthy enough to keep working hard.

Busy, successful people need to exercise – without it, they might just go crazy with the stress!

Undrey / Shutterstock.com
Undrey / Shutterstock.com

Get Up Early

So it’s a Sunday morning. You’re in bed and the sun is shining through the curtains. What do you do? Stay in bed and enjoy your day off, or get up, brew a cup of coffee and get to work?

Well, Robert Iger – the CEO of Disney – thinks it’s the latter. On his days off, Iger says he gets up at 4:30am, just like he does during the week.

If you’re a real workaholic, working on a Sunday (or at least doing a couple of hours in the morning) can really help you line up the coming work week. Sure it might not exactly be relaxing but hey, we’re looking at what successful people do in their spare time, not just how they relax and unwind!

Pranee Chaiyadam / Shutterstock.com
Pranee Chaiyadam / Shutterstock.com


You don’t have to be religious to meditate, you know!

In fact, being successful relies on your ability to switch off your mind and body from time to time. Sleep isn’t good enough – meditation can help you improve your state of mind and prepare you for stressful days ahead.

This is particularly goof for people who need to manage their stress levels. Let’s face it…if you’re going to be successful, stress is going to be a part of your life no matter what.

mavo / Shutterstock.com
mavo / Shutterstock.com
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