Why Does the Heat Make People More Violent?

“Jessica totally lost her cool.”

“Mark is such a hot-head!”

“This game is just getting warmed up!”

It’s no secret that people associate heat with aggression and sometimes even violence. But, does heat really impact our behavior? Can seasonal heat waves really be the cause of periodic crime spikes? Today on Healthversed, we’re turning up the thermostat and scouring the internet to bring you all of the latest on the relationship between your thermometer and your patience.

What Is Hot?

Before we get all hot and bothered, we should probably set the ground rules. Though comfort is relative, and dependent on a whole host of different factors, 72 degrees Fahrenheit, also known as room temperature, is widely recognized as “comfortable” for most people.

“Hot,” in turn, should be understood to mean any temperature about 78 Degrees Fahrenheit and higher. (That is, unless you’re my dog. Then, anything above freezing is much too warm.)

Daisy Daisy / Shutterstock.com
Daisy Daisy / Shutterstock.com
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