Study Finds Magic Vitamin Can Halt Aging and Increase Lifespan

Civilization, art, language… searching for ways to transcend the natural order is, well… in our nature. Case in point: the endless, hapless, and exceedingly expensive quest for the fountain of youth.

For centuries, our pursuit to defy father time has led us down a fascinating path. It drove Cleopatra to bathe in sour donkey’s milk. It fuelled the back-alley machinations of ancient Chinese alchemists. And, for better or worse, it even inspired this:

We all want to look and feel younger and we all want to live as long as we possibly can. Sure, it drives us to do wacky things and undergo costly procedures. It also, not surprisingly, causes us to open our wallets.

The anti-aging industry rakes in billions of dollars a year. Billions of dollars that fund sports cars and expensive vacations, sure… but also, billions of dollars that fund groundbreaking research projects. One such project is ChromaDex’s recent work with the so-called “Magic” vitamin, Niagen Nicotinamide Riboside.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the vitamin, the science, and the very serious implications of this anti-aging superstar.

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Africa Studio /

Awesome! But… What Is It?

Nicotinamide Riboside (NR for short) is a supplement that has shown to increase the NAD+ levels at the cellular level which, in turn, stimulates the metabolic energy of all cells in the affected area. The result? Well, think of it like a second, third and fourth wind for decaying cells. NR acts as a quick burst of energy that re-ignites the regenerative properties of cells that are on the brink of death. So, instead of the natural order of birth, growth, and decay, NR causes your cells to repair on the fly and, essentially prolong their life cycle.

Yeah… pretty cool. And what’s more, it’s designed to be taken orally with food, not unlike your every day, run of the mill multi-vitamin. Except it actually might make you live longer. And, hopefully, doesn’t make you pee orange.

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goodluz /

Why Is This Important?

Well, recently a company called ChromaDex launched a clinical study in humans and the results were pretty encouraging.

Founder and CEO of ChromaDex (the company behind this study) puts it like this:

“Demonstrating that NR is an effective precursor to increase NAD+ in humans has significant positive implications and may be a cornerstone to developing solutions to delay or reverse the effects of aging, obesity and disease.”

Delay or reverse the effects of aging, obesity and disease. Sure, it won’t make me a super athlete, or grant me the ability to read minds, but NR shows the potential to enhance just about everything else.

Seriously. Just think about how many lives are lost to obesity and disease and… aging. Even if half of these predictions come to fruition, the results would be staggering. Less disease, less death, more people. And you thought rent was expensive now, just imagine what the housing market looks like once the average life expectancy doubles.

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Goodluz /
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