15 Celebrities Who Overcame Eating Disorders

Remember back in the good ol’ days, before the internet, when the only access we had to celebrity scandals (like who wore what, or who was caught cheating with so-and-so) were those incredibly educational magazines that lined the grocery store checkouts? Back then, celebrities obviously still felt intense pressure under this constant scrutiny, but when compared to the 24-hour coverage and star-obsessed culture we have now, it likely pales in comparison.

Some could argue stars bring it upon themselves, as many allow continuous access to their daily lives through social media and planned paparazzi photoshoots, but no one can argue the standards set for beauty in the world of the rich and famous aren’t infinitely more intense than for us regular folk. Heck, many a celebrity’s success (and livelihood!) is based solely on their appearance — and unfortunately, this can create conditions that encourage unhealthy attitudes about weight and even the development of full-blown eating disorders.

Jane Fonda

Some of you may have noticed that Jane Fonda is in incredible shape, and has been known as an exercise maven for decades. While the amazing physique she now maintains can be attributed to her hard work in the gym, she hasn’t always been this healthy. Fonda has been open with her decades-long struggles with bulimia stemming from family pressures and Hollywood scrutiny.

It wasn’t until she hit her 40’s that she realized she had to make the decision to either live or die and confront her disease, as it had begun to overshadow so many of the successes she had achieved by that point in her life. Thankfully, she decided to change her relationship with food and now devotes her energy to helping others live a healthier lifestyle.

Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock.com
Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock.com
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